Thursday, May 2, 2013

What's in the dehydrator today

Todays dehydrator load:

3 trays of onions, chopped fine, for use in cooking soups and stews
3 trays of cherry tomatoes, cut in half, most likely destined for a nice chili
2 and a bit of a tray of mushrooms , probably going to be part of a stew or cream sauce at some point
and remainder of partial tray of cubed green pepper, those were supposed to be part of a salad, but I wanted to fill the tray, so now they are likely to be part of some kind of stew or soup.

It's a light load, I usually do not like to run the dehydrator with less than the full 12 tray load, but I didn't feel like boiling potatoes and I didn't have anything else laying around, so this is it for tonight.

What I am processing here started off as 
4 large onions
4 lb packs of cherry tomatoes I just wasn't going to be able to eat before they went bad (And I got a killer deal, so I fully intended to preserve them somehow)
2 packs of mushrooms (were going to be part of a pork roast sauce, but we had burgers instead)
and the larger part of 3 large bell peppers

I probably spent around $12 on what I have here (OK, garden, any time now), and if it hadn't gone into the dehydrator by the end of the week it would probably have wound up in the compost, so I'm calling it a win. Food not thrown out is money saved. And yes, I did get some killer deals on this stuff :)

That's all I got for tonight,
Happy Pinching

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