Thursday, May 16, 2013

Procrastination and why I'm not beating myself up over it this week

According to the Farmers Almanac we should have had our last frost on or before April 28th. So basically and according to that I am currently about 3 weeks behind schedule on planting and transplanting.

We had a frost warning for the 12th of May. Hooray for procrastination, 'cause if we had had all of the little plantiwuzels in the ground that would have sucked mightily. So my procrastination and the fact that my plants are still very much mobile worked quite well for us and I'm completely shamelessly taking credit for that.

It's also why I don't ever put the hot weather plants in early. I wait at least a few weeks after the last average frost date before planting them out, because this is the Midwest. Don't like the weather? Wait 5 minutes, it'll change.

Also, look: New cat we are trying to integrate into the household, so that instead of lethal injection he can have a forever home. Doesn't he look just miserable?

That's it for today, because it is still planting season ;)

Happy Pinching

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