Sunday, January 25, 2015

It's time to change the header on this thing. Oh, hey, look, first blog post since August... I slack.

And to change what I blog about.

Because I am pretty sure that just this month and just on Amazon, I blew through that 17,500. (no, not really, because I am not in fact suicidal).

In truth, it's because we don't have to. And there are some things that we have been talking about that will completely blow that.

Like the wrap around deck and hottub and the three season room and the next trip to Ikea and the home and garden show is coming up in February and I KNOW the hubbin wants him some steamy sauna-y goodness and we'll actually start that planning this year. And the geodesic dome greenhouse. And the natural swimming hole with the carps. And the replacement outbuilding because I don't actually want to fix and move the back barn, I want to get one that has a usable loft, a ramp, room to store more than one spade and a door that closes without herculean effort and opens without a crowbar and last, but not necessarily least, one that doesn't smell like the one we have.

Oh, yeah, and my barely suppressed desire to take a 3lb sledgehammer to the bathroom on a daily basis.

And because I am working a regular day job with office hours.

Yup, that's right, I are employee. Feels kinda weird. Still not sure what to make of it.

That's actually why I have been absent for a while. I forgot how much it messes with ones schedule to have to be away from home from 6:20 to usually 5-ish. No more shopping at noon on a Tuesday. No more weeding the front yard while on the phone. No more hanging a load of laundry before getting on the computer. Those little bits add up. A lot. Kinda like pennies pinched and definitely WAY more than I remembered. But I have so far not put fingers to keyboard at 3am for this gig, or gotten phonecalls at 4am, so I am quite happy with the choice we made (did I just hear faint laughter and someone saying DOOM?).

So I guess the thing is to re-direct. More recipes for getting foods prepped for the week for home cooked meals, more gardening tidbits, more sustainability, more frugal with a purpose, rather than to budget (yes, there's a difference, think up front cost and amortizations), because I will continue to pinch pennies 'til Lincolns little eyes pop out, and we'll see, maybe even some thoughts on maximizing saving for retirement (unless we win the lottery, then I'll start talking about his and hers yachts and tax havens) and sewing projects and such.

I guess what I am saying is that we've cocooned for a bit, made some changes, thought some thoughts (and set off the fire alarm), and I think I might be back. It's a journey, here's to the next leg :)

That's all I got for now,
Happy Pinching