Wednesday, December 11, 2013

OK... here goes.

I love writing these posts. I really, really do. It's quite enjoyable to me to write these little blips about stuff I have learned.

What is not enjoyable is doing it and then finding out that people think I have copied from other blogs (if it looks like I have without crediting, that's just too bad, because I have not, that's too, too tacky for words)

So, I may or may not post things here, as I have time and inclination to do so, but the last five or six posts I started and then googled, because paranoid now, have already been done ad nauseam, so I abandoned them.

I feel no need to re-hash material that is already at my fingertips, unless I have something new to add.

In my sideline there are some fantastic blogs about a lot of the things I am doing to stay within budget.

This is not an end to my blogging, it's a change in how I go about it and a re-allocation of my time in accordance with priorities. (Read this as I want to spend more time with people, not computers).

That's all I got for now,
Happy Pinching

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