Sunday, July 7, 2013

Follow up to dehydrating potatoes

This is a follow up to this post, to clarify something and answer a question:

The question was why do I peel the potatoes before I rice them, rather than let the ricer do that work for me?

I peel potatoes before I run them through the ricer because I do batches of 20 to 40 lbs at a time in order to maximize my savings. Running 2 trays on the dehydrator is only marginally less energy intensive than running 12 trays, so I load that baby up.
At that point it becomes more work intensive and time consuming to pull the peel out of the ricer after each half potato than it is to sit in front of the TV and peel them en masse, then rice them ditto.

If I was ricing four potatoes I would not peel them first, as this does add an extra step.

It's all in the application and what works best for you ;)

K, back to work here at Pinch Manor.

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