Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why would I put up a picture of my dinner???

Well, because this is a meal that has absolutely no preservatives in it, everything is made from scratch and quite a bit of it did not come from a store.

That brown, deliciously gooey looking substance is venison stew, made with onions, home made broth from last years chickens, some mushrooms I dehydrated last year, some of this seasons sunchokes and thickened with the potato starch from this post. From the same post we have the instant mashed potatoes, seasoned with butter and some chives I stepped out of the back door and cut off one of my plants while the water was coming to a boil.

I bought the onions (they are one of the clean 15 and we ate everything that came out of the garden last year before it made it through the door, so I bought a few 50 lb bags), the potatoes, the mushrooms and the butter.

Because we had the venison courtesy of friends (thank you Brent and Linda) this meal (and the roughly 6 more portions of it that are there and the two hubbin and I already had) cost a total of $ 2.00. And that's being generous. So we're looking at 20 cent a meal. And that's a nice meal right there.

The stew cooked in the slow cooker over night, so hubbin could take some for lunch, which he did. Quite possibly gleefully.

Alright, I'm gonna go ahead and eat now, y'all have a good night :D

Happy Pinching

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