Friday, December 28, 2012

It's like we are on some sort of mailing list...

We got 14 seed catalogues in the mail yesterday. Yup. Fourteen.

There are two issues with this:
1. None of them are Nonsanto.
2. I have already placed my seed order.

There are two or three items I still have to order or buy, a pear tree and some berry bushes, so there is actually a chance that I will place an order with one of these catalogues, but basically what this onslaught of paper means to me is that I now get to track these companies down and ask them to take me off their mailing list, because I will not order Monsanto GMO seeds and I don't need all this kindling.

When the lab crew have fiddled around with the genetics of something to the point where it can no longer be called a plant (because bacterial and viral RNA have been added or something equally icky) I am rather desirous of NOT eating it. And I can't save those seeds, so it's an ongoing expense, which, let's face it, I'm working towards eliminating as much as possible.

Long story short, buying most things from these catalogues goes against EVERY SINGLE decision we have made for ourselves.

And I should have not opened any of them...I am weak. I really want those little cucumbers that are about the size of a finger and so tender and sweet and delicious that I occasionally splurge and buy them... They are a F1, so unlikely to breed true, so I won't order them. But I really, really want to. Stupid, self-imposed principles.

Now, to gird my loins, don the armour of organic heirloom righteousness and sally forth to pick out a pear tree and some golden raspberries that aren't, but nothing else.

Ok, maybe just one pack of cucumber seeds.


If it's in the budget.

If I have room for it in the garden.

If it means I get a discount.

Don't judge me.

I do that all by myself. I'm really rather good at it, too.

Happy pinching.


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